Friday, 20 August 2010

HOT STREAK!!! Hotter than a pistlol!!!!!!! LOL

Hello friends!!!! (ok, hello Spencer and Nan lol) Sorry I've not been in touch but there is a VERY good excuse. I've grown a beard LMAO!!!!
And why, I hear you asking is that a reason for not blogging? Well, thing thing is, I look VERY different with my beard, you see. So WHEREAS this time last year the ONLY objection I got from honeys was "Oh Julian you are SO fit, but last time you said you'd call after sexed me for SIX HOURS, but you never did. It's ALMOST as if you used me" lol... now NO one recognises me and to ADD to that I have a NEW dance move. The running man is SO last year. Now, it's the 'Meteor Caterpillar' - a move ONLY I can pull off - basically it's a caterpillar with a pint glass CLAMPED in my mouth which I DOWN whilst performing the formerly out of fashion dance move.
So I am NOW going back through EVERY honey I've done in the last ten years and BELIEVE ME, there are a LOT to get through (and some are DISGUSTING pmsl)

Beard + VIP Meteor + Caterpillar = TWO pairs of shoes under my bed MOST nights!!!!!! rofl


Gorilla Bananas said...

Why would your "honeys" need you to sex them? Are they puppies? Are you a vet?

Gorilla Bananas said...

Stop deleting your new posts, I can see them on my blog reader.

Julian Meteor said...

Sozza - blogger playing up and posting stuff too early.

Anonymous said...

Two pairs of shoes under your bed most nights? Didn't know you owned two pairs