Monday, 3 November 2008


HI Friends,
As some of you MAY know I have developed a BIT of a soft spot for a certain (ACTUAL) honey. An FHM HIGH STREET HONEY.
Her name is Charlotte Thomson and she is a B.A.B.E. lmao
I am BEGGING you all to vote for her by texting to vote
To do this, you can text FHM 62 to 86145
You can ALSO vote online here.

It would be a great help to ME too as I have been getting on with her RATHER well on facebook... using the FAMOUS Meteor charm lol.
SADLY her boyfriend found out and went MENTAL. DEFO fells threatened by me. Who WOULDN'T be??? pmsl

Jack ******* to Julian Meteor 1st November at 9:07am
Why dont you fuck off you wanker!!!! shes my girlfriend leave me alone!!! and do me a favour...........get a life!!!! i pity you, i really do!!!! go and have another

Julian Meteor wrote to Jack ******* at 9:59am on 1st November
LOL! Who stole the jam from YOUR doughnut? You are obviously feeling a little threatened by the Meteor! Good luck Char- i do think she'll win by the way x

Jack ******* wrote to Julian Meteor on 1st November at 10:49am
Do you know what it takes to go out with someone like charlotte!!!

let me tell you,

firstly luck because i am greatful for everyday we are together. she is the most beautiful person on the out side and the inside i have ever met.

i am myself and dont hide behind 'facebook' to try and come on to girls. maybe if you acted mature and yourself you might lose your virginity???

maturity??? im not gunna try and explain that to you.

a sense of humor (which i have but when you get dick heads like you writing fucking stupid silly little comments every fucking day it gets to me)
charlotte is trying her hardest to build her career and she wants loads of support not pricks like you giving her hassles!!!! after all this is her job!!!

looks.............(because after all you dont wanna lie in bed with someone your not attracted to) let me tell you for someone who dosnt even put a pic up of themselves you dont really fit the bill. of luck.

p.s. fuck off!!!


Julian Meteor to Jack ******* 1st November at 2:53pm
You need to get in the gym fat boy. There is NO way you'll keep hold of the porn star when she makes it big time. She'll get an Argyle player before you know it! Or me.

Jack ******* to Julian Meteor 1st November at 3:08pm
How dare you call her a porn star you you fucking sad little nerd go sit behind your computer wank all over girls you will never get i excersise everyday and look after myself im not the one whos a fat spotty nerd with no life no girl friend and my virgintiy still intact...............oh and did i miss out unemployed????? hahaha your sad. if i see you carrying a big issue anytime soon im not gunna be suprised hahahahaha fatboy you make me laugh. mate, dont forget char is here with me so reads every email you send. p.s. fuck you!!! xxxx

Julian Meteor to Charlotte Thomson 1st November at 3:21pm
What is HIS problem! I wish he'd stop going on about his muscles. I BET i can bench much more anyway. Fancy a drink sometime? X

Charlotte Thomson to Julian Meteor 1st November at 3:49pm
He is my boyfriend and i think you need to leave us both alone now. No i dont fancy a drink, frankly you have been rude and i really dont appreciate some of your comments.

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cheek2001 said...

she needs to lighten up. I was going to vote for her, but now I'm not. With an attitude like that, there's more chance of a black man becoming the next president of the USA!!!!