Wednesday, 26 November 2008

"In a hole! With an owl!"

"In a hole! With an owl!"
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Seeing as I do nOT have a job, we are YET to have band practice, Nan is away and I have NOT been out for a few days, I shouldn't really have anything to write about.
LUCKILY I had the most BIZARRE dream last night, so I will tell you about it...
I dreamt that I woke UP, got dressed, put a suit on (I do NOT even own a suit), pashed Nan goodbye (we don't even do CHEEK kissing since she's grown THAT beard, so this was ALREADY getting weird) then walked up this MASSIVE staircase and into a board room a BIT like the one they have in The Apprentice with Sralan.
THEN, my interviwer walked in wearing an OWL mask and started slicing my up with a LIGHT saber.
Then my alarm clock went off.
This ANNOYED me at first as there is NO reason for me to need to get up at the moment, but on reflection is was a HUGE relief.
I HATE Owls.
And lightsabers.

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