Friday, 21 November 2008


Sorry I have NOT written this week, but Nan had Sky + installed this week, so ALL I have been doing is watching re-runs of last Saturday's AMAZING performance by Leona TOTAL BABE Lewis on X FACTOR!!!!!! lol What a BRILLIANT show, what a 100% H.O.N.E.Y. lol
Nan NEARLY caught me 'watching it' on her sofa TWICE!!!!! rofl
Quick update on OTHER matters:

Job hunt: Given up (for NOW)
Love life: Just the THREE birds this week - only ONE REpeat, the OTHER two were total freshies... young as!!!! lol
Argyle: You MAY remember I threatened to kill myself if we lost AGAIN on Saturday. LUCKILY we didn't. A 1-0 victory was JUST what the doctor ordered.
Battle of the Bands Competition: do NOT ask.
We decided on Wednesday night that the REASON we haven't had any entrants DESPITE the prize-money was because we are YET to organise a venue.
"Get a venue then, Julian, you prat" they said.
I am NOT a prat.
Turns out the problems we are having with this gig are NOT because I hadn't organised a venue.
Subject: The Hob
Date: Thursday, 20 November 2008 09:55:23 +0000
Attached: Press Release

Hi Colin,

We're organising a Battle of the Bands in Plymouth and Penny's boyfriend, our bandmate, is offering to put up a LARGE financial prize. I can NOT disclose the figure as it is secret, but a press release will go round shortly.

In short, we have a venue lined up, but we need another one to play off it, so we can negotiate better with them. Cheaper drinks, free door staff, all that type of stuff.

So, how much to hire your venue for the night of the 5th December? How many do you hold?
What 'extras' can you offer (eg coffee, back stage nibbles, free local billboard, REAL groupie, billboard ads etc)

Please let me know, BEFORE 3pm.


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From: Julian Meteor
Cc: Penelope Miles
Sent: Thursday 20th November 14:23 PM
Subject: RE: The Hob

Any news?

Subject: Re: The Hob
Sent: Thursday 20th November 15:19:49 +0100

Hi Julian

Apologies for the delay in replying.

I am afraid the Hub is booked on Friday 5th December.

Kind Regards


CC:; esha_ness@******;
Subject: RE: The Hob
Sent: Thursday 20th November 20:59:45 +0000

Let me guess... SOMEbody has told you NOT to let us play at your venue.

And I bet that SOMEbody happens to be Harry "I am jealous of Julian's Band and Spencer's money" Link.

Well I hope you are BOTH happy, but do NOT think I didn't guess your pathetic little plan from the MOMENT Colin emailed me back.

TRANSPARENT, that's what you are, Colin. TOOTHLESS and transparent.

Harry has BRAINWASHED you and the Hob is losing money because of it.

I am TOTALLY fed up with the South-West music industry.
Jonathan, you were right - there are MASSIVE problems and the Hob and Harry Link are at the HEAD of them.

Spencer, fuck this competition - it's been ruined.

Sorry to write to you all at once, but the internet caf is clos

Sent: Thursday 20th November 21:15
Subject: Re: The Hob

Julian, people are actually starting to laugh about your band mate.... I’d wind yer neck in with the comments and take a little look at yerself son.... You’re not all that, are you really.

‘Jealous’, is the funniest comment so far.... Ha ha ha ....

As for your competition... OMG... People are doubled over with pain..... It’s so funny... Your guy Spencer clearly can’t get a gig....

So he’s buying himself one in the form of a competition he plans to fix to win himself....

People are laughing mate.... Really laughing ...

Ohhh well, better wish you good luck with your staged, fixed competition with ONLY entries that YOU want to compete with ....haaaaa hah ah ah ah a....

Subject: Re: The Hob
Date: Fri, 21st November 2008 10:37:30 +0100

I have no idea who Harry Link is!!

get the name of our venue right!!

I did reply you had another venue and my venue is booked as I stated.

see you at the millbridge on the 30th

Subject: RE: The Hob
Date: Fri, 21st November 2008 11:31:15 +0000

Ha - excellent! All the proof I need to confirm my hunch that he is a NO ONE!!! Cheers Colin.

Apologies, Harry TOLD me it was called the Hob. I have now learned it is the Hub. Blame him!

No worries re the venue. Isn't that Esha Ness's night at the Millbridge? I am pretty sure that me and the rest of the band will be down to check out the competition!! Do many birds normally go there? I am on one HELL of a run LOL!!!!!

See you there - you can buy me a beer while we laugh about Harry - WHOEVER HE IS!!!



Date: Fri, 21st November 2008 11:51:03 +0100
Subject: FW: Live Music!!!!!

Of course I did Julian, even after a successful couple of gigs down there with my band, I still call the place the Hob, even though Hob actually is what you might call it being a chief and that....

Mate, for the last time, it's call the Hub....


You might want to read your email to me below....

I’m in pain with laughter... Could this really get any better...... I seriously feel I’m being punked...

Ha haha...


PS, Colin, thought you’d like to read this one too (below).

Harry. x

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From: Julian Meteor
Date: 15th November 2008 15:10:34 +0000
To: Harry Link
Subject: RE: Live Music!!!!!

Hi Harry,

Long time no speak etc
Have you ever heard of a venue called the Hob? Need to get in touch with them URGENTLY. I'm in a RIGHT pickle here, can you help me out, mate?


Sent: Friday 21st November 15:23:35 +0100
Subject: Re: The Hob
Subject: RE: The Hob

Thank god that finally shut you up eh....

We can all get back to our lives now thanks



timbionline said...

you are a sad, sad man. I pity you. Logging on to peoples facebook pages, who you do not know and calling them a cunt. do not bother coming into flares or reflex. you will not be welcome.

Or come in, you will not make it out in one peice...

Julian Meteor said...

Well, I am DEFO going there on Saturday, so we will HAVE to find out!!!!! lol
Introducing the UNDEFEATED Middleweight Champion of Plymooooooooooouuuth,