Sunday, 30 November 2008

There's a Monster in my Bed!!!!! lol

I don't know WHAT to do.
I went out last night (on my own), and had NO luck in any of the bars, so went to my usual - Zeroes - at about 2.30 AM. I SWEAR that place is getting more straight by the week. EITHER that or the Meteor charm is straightening up the SUPPOSED gays!!!!! rofl
In any case, I took home this DISGUSTING pig, via the chippy (her choice).
She ate SO much that she is STILL sleeping it off. We didn't even DO it (third base only).
I'm tempted to roll her up in my duvet and roll her out of the window.
But she'd probably bounce back IN.


Scaryduck said...

Never mind that - Arsenal in the Cup.


cheek2001 said...

Julian, perhaps you should contact those paranormal investigators, maybe they'll know what to do with it/her.