Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Julian Meteor V Calum Best Pulling Comp

FORGET David Haye v Audley Harrison, I have arranged a FAR bigger showdown.
I was chatting to a VERY well-known ladies' man on twitter, to cut a long story short we went from discussing him being my wingman, to him agreeing to come down to Plymouth on 6th December (TBC) to take me on on MY patch - good luck, I'm unbeaten lmao!!!
So, here are the details...(DISCREET) spectators welcome:

What: Pulling Competition between Julian Meteor and Calum Best
Prize: UK Pulling Champion Belt OR a go on Lyndsay Lohan
WHEN: 6th December 2010 from 8pm
Where: Zeroes Nightclub, Plymouth
How does the points system work:
1 point for snog (MUST inc tongues - CCTV WILL be available for the judges)
2 points for booby grope DURING snog (easy lol)
3 points for third base
4 points EVERYTHING BUT (needs one witness if it's Calum IN CASE he lies)
5 points HOME RUN!!!!!

What if Calum doesn't show? Unlikely, but if so, Julian Meteor is crowned UK Pulling Champ.

LET'S GET READY TO FUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gorilla Bananas said...

I assume you'll get points for fucking your sex dolls to avoid a low-scoring contest.

Anonymous said...

One-trick-pony Julian continues apace this month, spoiling us with 3 posts already.

The scores so far for Sept:
- Email harassment: 2
- Sexist bullsh1t: 1
I think my laughter while reading an earlier post may have been an anomaly...

Julian Meteor said...

I WISH you weren't anonymous as there is a MASSIVE chemistry between us lol


Blind date?


Anonymous said...

I think anonymity is a good thing for me here.

You should try it.