Tuesday, 14 September 2010

WOW what a difference lol - I HAVE A JOB!!!

I did it!!! I got a job! lol
I had TWO interviews last Monday. First one was with a fireworks company, but I got lost on the way there and then fell asleep in a layby while looking at a map. Anyway, the less said about THAT the better. The SECOND interview I arrived on time for, but it was a D-SASTER. I was VERY well dressed (dusted down some chords, ponytail for the FIRST time etc) but some of the questions the interviewer asked me were IMPOSSIBLE.
"Tell me about your Film Studies A-Level, Julian (er, lol, I didn't do Film Studies A-Level, I was fibbing!!!)
"How do you work under pressure, Julian?" (LMAO, how the FUCK would I know???)
"What's the most challenging thing you've ever done?" (ROFL put 75 peanuts in my foreskin for a bet)

So as you can see, WHAT a nightmare. But still, in SPITE of panicking and coming clean about the peanuts, and EVEN THOUGH I got caught looking down my interviewer's top TWICE (she was NOT BAD lol) I STILL got the job!!!! I am a VERY happy man.
To be honest, I THOUGHT she was just calling to ask for the copy of March of the Penguins back that I'd borrowed on my way out, but no...she hadn't noticed lol...she offered me a BRILLIANT job as check-out/popcorn maker (chef skills made the difference for SURE).

I have been celebrating ALL weekend lol


Gorilla Bananas said...

I feel sorry for the baboon they preferred you to. At least he wouldn't have put popcorn next to his willy.

Anonymous said...

Bugger me, there's hope for all of us if you've found employment.

You'd better hope they don't go within 50 feet of the Internet when checking references...

Anonymous said...