Friday, 22 August 2008

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Hello whoever you are!!!!! lol

I am Julian meteor. I have JUST discovered that my local (The Britannia Inn in Plymouth) has wireless internet access, so I have STOLEN (borrowed lmao) my nan's laptop and I am TOTALLY blogging!!!!!!
I didn't even know what bloggin WAS until FIVE minutes ago!!!!!

With some help from my bezzy mate Spencer, I am putting together a diary of my life. The BEGINNING is backdated, but from then on I will be putting in MOST of my emails as I go along. ANNOYINGLY Spencer says that if I INSIST on blogging my WHOLE life, must change the odd name or date to protect identity. I refused, so I have given him my password and he is doing it for me. lol!
In exchange, I have HIS hotmail password, and he has given me PERMISSION to take RELEVANT emails from HIS inbox to post on here too.
My OTHER band mate, Jally, has NOT given me permission, but I set up his googlemail account, so I KNOW the password ANYWAY rofl
As for Penny, well I wouldn't DARE ask her, but MAY be able to ask Spencer (her boyf) to give me emails if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

I hope you like it!!!!! Feedback MUCH appreciated!!!!

Let me know; either way,

Julian Meteor

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