Friday, 22 August 2008

24th Sept - WHAT happened to Freedom of Speech?

What a CRUD day. FIRSTLY I get up REALLY early to get to Halfords so I can FINALLY start using my bike again, ONLY to find they are CLOSED; THEN I find that FREEDOM of speech in Great Britain is DEAD.
I like to pass opinion on news items. Is THAT a crime? The media DESERVES to know what WE, the BRITISH public thinks. NOW more so than ever during this War on Credit.

So, I find out through Sky News that the British are DOUBLING the numbers of troops sent out to Afghanistan!!! WHAT a joke!!! lol
I mean, don't get me wrong, the ones in Iraq actually FIGHTING and/or looking for Saddam Hussein are HEROES, but sending MORE troops just to train in Afghanistan because it "mirrors the temperature of Iraq and it is SANDY" I mean COME ON!!! We can see RIGHT through this. And do NOT think we didn't notice the TIMING either - JUST when it starts to get cold.

So, as you can see I make my opinion...
"How can this SO CALLED general be so selfish when the rest of US are suffering the worst economic disaster of ALL TIME. It's all very well for HIM and the REST of his troops languishing in the Autumn sunshine and feeling NONE of the efffects of the credit crunch. I am sorry sir, you will JUST have to make do like EVERYONE else. It cannot be one rule for THEM and one for us."

(LIKE I am the ONLY person who thinks this) and I get treated like a SEX offender (well, I AM, but they ALWAYS consent lol).

FORGET your training excercises, STAY at home and help fight the credit crunch like the rest of us.

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