Sunday, 26 October 2008

The aftermath of Spencer's birthday

Saturday was a day of two halves. Argyle lost at home to Ipswich - the LESS saiod about THAT the better; but Spencer's birthday was an EPIC!!!! BELIEVE me when I say this readers... gay clubs are THE place to go to chase AND GET women. Spencer was BANG on.
ALL eight of us got some action. Spencer CLAIMS to have got some but I ONLY saw him talking to men all night lol!!!
I took a girl called Angie back to Nan's!!!!!
I will NOT be seeing her again!!! lol She was DISGUSTING.
I wrote to Ray to think him for his hospitality. What a LOVELY guy.

From: Julian Meteor []
Sent: 28 Oct 2008 15:45
To: Ray Johns
Subject: RE: SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!! lol

Hi Ray,

Just to say, we had an ABSOLUTE blinder at Zeros on Saturday. There were only eight of us in the end, so four groups of two, staggered entry, holding hands, not too drunk (UNTIL LATER ON!!!!) and we got in fine!!!
Spencer and I are off to London tomorrow night, so I was wondering is there a Zeros there too?
We're thinking "why change a winning formula!!!" (read between the lines lol)
(we all got laid)

Any ideas?


Subject: RE: SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!! lol
Date: 28 Oct 2008 15:52:19 +0100

Sorry there is no Zeros in London. We are an independently owned club. Glad you had a good night, you should of said hi. How many of you got laid with a guy??? Hmmmmm, I bet your answer is none, I’ll have to check the c.c.t.v. Hahahaha.

Have fun in London, you can always try XXL or G.A.Y. but if you carry on one of you will end up curious ;-) rofl



timbionline said...

MY GOD! I'm glad you are off facebook, If I ever see you in the street I will walk on by, than wasting my time on a little scrotum like you.


Julian Meteor said...

WTF????? lol
Who kicked YOUR kennel?????? rofl
And how DARE you write things like that on MY beloved blog?
I will get Spencer to remove this and THEN I have you ARRESTED.