Thursday, 4 December 2008

The end for the Argyle Style?

Just back from an early stint at the gym. I wasn't really in the mood so me and Joy just watched a DVD.
I have a band update for you all:
The Argyle Style had band practice last night.
EVERYONE was there. Jally STILL can't speak English, Penny is STILL a cow and Spencer, well Spencer and I are at LOGGERHEADS.
The conversation went like this:

Spencer: Stay with the rhythm, Meteor (he ALWAYS uses JUST my surname when his is cross)
Me: Watch me spin my drumsticks!!! lol. DEFO moving up in chick status!!!
Me: (Puts drumstick down my trackies to make everyone think I've got MASSIVE erection) *Even though 'you had to be there' I'm SURE you can picture it and laugh lol
Penny: (tuts)
Jally: I am aff to confess, zis is defanatly ze funniest sing i have see since the 'ole time I am in England.
Me: Why are we practising anyway? We have never had and probably never WILL get a gig...

And then we went to the pub and BARELY spoke to each other.

My ONLY regret is that our LEGENDARY metal cover of Life is a Rollercoaster by Ronan (LEDGE) Keating may NEVER see the light of day...


Chadwick Monkey-Nuts said...

Erection. ha ha!

That reminds me of a true tale from days working on Oldham Councils Town Planning hotline. One day, I had a call that went something like this:

Me: Hello Town Planning, Chad speaking, how may I help?
Some chick: hi.. I'd like to make a complaint about my neighbour
me: what has he done?
SC: hes got a big erection in his back garden, and I can see it from my kitchen window
me: errrr... can you throw a bucket of water over it? that should reverse the effects..
SC: what? hes erecting a statue in his back garden.
me: ooooh! why didnt you say? A statue of what?
SC: it appears to be a 7ft statue of Chaddy the Owl (no relation to me)
me: a 7ft OWL statue?
SC: yes, and not even a real owl, but the Oldham Athletic mascot
me: yes, I know who Chaddy is thanks very much missus...

this went on for ages..

then I hung up on her. the demented cow.

Julian Meteor said...

That story STARTED off as hilarious, then turned VERY nasty.

0.0 (owl emoticon invented by ME)

Chadwick Monkey-Nuts said...

Actually, one of my teachers at primary school used to drive an old land rover and the last 3 letters of the number plate were OWL. True Fact.

He also is in a band. A Jazz band. And they're so MASSIVE they played at The Lamb pub. True Fact.

Now look what you've made me do... I'm starting to comment like you.

Jeez... i really should go blog something. Owl related.

cheek2001 said...

Jesus shit. I new Sheffield Wednesday had an Owl in their badge, but Oldham too? They're taking over the WHOLE world.

Ian Holloway said...

julian do you ever get mistaken for a lady from behind? i think you do.

i once killed an owl when i ran one over in my lada back when i managed plymouth owlgyle.

Zed said...

It must be so fun pretending to be a 15 yo. I could do it quite well too - if you understand French txt spk.