Monday, 8 December 2008

Operation: Get Owls off the Internet

You MAY think the odds are against me, but I have begun my one man mission to get Owls OFF the internet.
Since the internet is the centre of EVERYTHING, this should be beginning of the end for that most sinister of creatures. I FULLY expect them to be extinct (thanks to me - and YOU if you can help) by 2012.
It starts here, everyone. OWLS MUST GO.

Subject: Owl Blog‏
From: Julian Meteor (
Sent: 8th December 2008 10:30:16
To: d*****

I will ask you NICELY first:

PLEASE take down your owl blog from the local internet.
It is VERY distasteful.

Thanks in advance; either way,


(No Subject)‏
From: Julian Meteor (
Sent: 8th December 200810:41:26

I have reason to believe you are an owl pusher and your run THIS site -

I for one HAPPEN to think it is VERY distasteful.

Please remove your website by 5pm LATEST

Gives me the RIGHT shivers.

Let me know; either way


Subject: URGENT‏
From: Julian Meteor (
Sent: 07 November 2008 15:46:53

Don't even get me started.



Chadwick Monkey-Nuts said...

How about getting that awful bank ,that the slaphead Howard advertises, closed down?

you know the one, the Owlifax.

Anonymous said...

Howard and his seed should be erased from history. Evil in it's purest form (and NOT in a good way)

Chadwick Monkey-Nuts said...

You do realise his full name is Howard Brown-Owl, don't you?

Julian Meteor said...

Please let me know of ANY owl leads you may have and I will email them and tell then to STOP what they are doing.
Thanks for your help you two.
This is a VERY serious matter.

Scaryduck said...

OWLS here:

Scaryduck said...

I saw this and thought of you:

Ten facts about Charles Darwin

1. Owl eater

2-10. Nine other non-owl related facts

Jimbeeer said...

You need to get the absolute heart of this whole Owl conspiracy matrix.

Forget the pawns and go straight for whatever foul demon invented the 'O RLY' website.

Hit 'em and hit 'em hard!