Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Gym!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you think I am UNSTOPPABLE now, I am ABOUT to become the ULTIMATE babe machine!!!!!!!!!
That's right, I have joined the gym!!!!!!
Nan wants me out of the house every day so has paid for me to have a personal trainer. She is a young phillie who works there called "Joy".
Fit AS, but a BIT of a cow.
First thing she did was make me take off my sunglasses, so it was VERY hard to have a Jacques Villeneuve (Rhyming slang: perv lol).
We did some press-ups and some lunges and stuff and now I am A.C.H.I.N.G. lol

I did NOT realise gyms were such a HAVEN for babes. I ALWAYS thought they were places where fatties go and sit in the jacuzzi to chat in the HOPE it will transform them into Pamela Anderson.
How WRONG I was!!!!! lol


Scaryduck said...

A warning: Going to the gym every day gives you a very small penis.

Can you afford to lose penis?

Julian Meteor said...

That is SO what jealous people say.
Scary, do NOT start spreading rumours about me WHEN I get big muscles, ok?
Anyway, there are THOUSANDS of LIVE (female) witnesses who I could use IF this went to court.

Ian Holloway said...

Big muscles? My wife says a man with big muscles likes other men with big muscles, but why shouldnt he? afterall a muscle is only a shell fish. oh thats mussels? ah, yuo big bummer. which rhymes with drummer. coincidence?

Julian Meteor said...

MASSIVE coincidence.
Massive in that only THIS MORNING I asked someone to get Ian Holloway to read my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He must have been a genie in DISGUISE!!!!!