Thursday, 15 January 2009

ANOTHER owl t-shirt

I have JUST received this picture from an ANONYMOUS source. I guess it's someone's work t-shirt. It is VERY similar to a t-shirt I own, that says "SEX Instructor" on it!!!!!! lol... on the back it says "FIRST LESSON FREE"!!!!!!! Get it????????
I have ASTONISHING stats in that t-shirt. I have NEVER left the house and NOT come back with a honey... and that INCLUDES going out to buy a copy of Loaded.
In fact, Spencer and Jally BANNED me from wearing it cos they felt it gave me an UNFAIR advantage. I know EXACTLY what they mean.
I wanted to take it piccy but the reflection of the glass (I framed it after it reached 50 'home runs' in it) made for a poor quality photo :(

Anyway, Owl Instructor is a job I will NOT be applying for.
What on EARTH does an owl instructor do anyway?
Any ideas anyone?
Keep sending in your owl t-shirts for evaluation. I give the "Owl Instructor" T a 0/10.
A HARROWING t-shirt in an AWFUL colour.


Gorilla Bananas said...

You give the owl hooting lessons.

Gerrard said...

I had previously assumed owls had built in wisdom from birth. Perhaps it is the job of an owl instructor to teach owls to be wise?

IB said...

When I saw your comment on my blog I thought, "that's kinda weird". So I checked out your blog and now I get it: you're bananas, yes?

Seriously, you are funny and I dig your blog.

Thanks for stopping by mine!