Thursday, 8 January 2009

My FAMOUS Grandfather

A FEW people in London have been asking me why I wear a Plymouth Argyle shirt.
Others ask why I wear it every day (apart from job interviews lol... but I am YET to have one).

I PREFER to be humble about it, but the REASON is that my Grandfather, Bill Strauss USED to play for them (1946-1953). He was a RAMPAGING winger and a TOTAL player with the local honeys. No prizes for guessing where I got it from then!!!!!! lol
Nan was TOTALLY smitten with him, but she soon learnt he wasn't one for settling down.
There is a RUMOUR in Plymouth that Britney Spears' latest single was inspired by him!!!!! But I think that's romantic bollocks. She is DEFO referring to me!!!!!


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