Tuesday, 20 January 2009

T-shirt Competition

The INFLUX of t-shirts I have been sent in has given me a BRAINwave. I am starting a Julian Meteor t-shirt competition.
I am WILLING (Keith, you are a lucky LUCKY man) to have an amnesty in the name of art and am going to allow ANY t-shirt design.
Simply email me your design on julianmeteor2@hotmail.co.uk and I'll upload EVERY one onto my flikr site:

You can also click HERE for a t-shirt generator so you can ALL have a go. OR try this one which (if you are VERY clever, like Spencer) lets you upload an image.

Some are on there already.

The winner WILL get printed as an ACTUAL t-shirt and I will AUTOMATICALLY add it to my pool of pulling t-shirts, along with my "Sex Instructor" T, and my "FBI" long sleeve.


Keith said...

No comment!

trousers said...

In all honesty are we to really believe you have ever pulled. Ill make a tshirt later, it will NOT be complimentary!

dorking balrog said...

mo commwent!

dorking balrog said...

no comment, even !!!

Julian Meteor said...

Some BRILLIANT entries ALREADY!!!!!!!!! pmsl
Keith has EVEN sent in a NICE one!!!!!!

I KNEW he would warm to me eventually??!!!!!!

What's not to like about Jules Meteor!!!?????!!!!!

gramma t said...

the smell?

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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