Thursday, 15 January 2009

Best posts of 2008

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hungover!!!! lol
So much so that I canNOT be bothered to post today
OTHER than to list my BEST moments on 2008.
Before I do, however, let me explain briefly JUST how much fun you can have going out on your OWN in London.
I came home with a TRAFFIC cone on my head, being pushed along in a Sainsbury's supermarket trolley by the DISGUSTING lump (Rachel? Robina? I don't bloody know!!! lol) I met JUST before the lights came out in my NEW favourite bar the WALKABOUT on Finchley Road. Being the TOTAL player I am, I QUICKLY logged into MSN messenger when I got home, CYBERED an ex before SPRINTING upstairs and doing it for REAL.
I have NO conscience!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl

Here's my best of 2008:

3.My NEAR pulling of an FHM High Street Honey (model)

2. The day I DIVULGED my most effective chat-up lines.
This was a MASSIVE risk at the time, but I have SINCE learnt that at LEAST 12 home runs (that I KNOW of) have been scored off the back of this post.

1. My VERY near miss on finding a job. In fact, this was a moment that STILL encourages me to KEEP trying; EVEN in this seemingly NEVER ending war on credit.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't know what is cybering is.

Julian Meteor said...

LOSER lol. I've got Spencer to add a hyperlink.....apparently THAT will help.
Anyone know what a hyperlink actually IS? Sounds like something out of Dr Who!!!!!!! rofl

Keith said...

I'm glad that I'm not young now, what with all the troubles, unemployment, the recession etc.

In my young days (1950's and 1960's) there was plenty of jobs, loads of money to be had, but sex was hard to get. No wars, muggings, shootings, stabbings (well, very very little)

Lets face it Julian, you and your age group are inheriting a country that is on the way out!

Pearl said...

Hmmm. I think I'd better keep an eye on you. You seem dangerous, somehow.

Julian Meteor said...

I am clean, Pearl!!!! lol

I go to the clinic EVERY Thurs (nothing ELSE to do!!!!! lmao)

Dr Zibbs said...

Hahahaha. Love that pic.

Anonymous said...

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