Wednesday, 7 January 2009

VOTE FOR ME!!! lol

It has been BROUGHT to my attention (thanks to my online bezzie the Scaryduck) that there are awards for blogging.

PLEASE take the time to vote for me. Whilst there ISN'T an appropriate category for me (Best Shag for HONEYS LOL, Best Hair? LOUDEST guffs? Best Blog by an Argyle Fan?), Spencer said that my blog SOMEtimes makes him lol, HAS made him rofl and OCCASIONALLY makes him lhao (all this DESPITE some of the LESS happy times I have written about, like my DREADFUL bad luck in finding employment since the crunch).

So, in order to help me get EVEN more sex when I become famous and MAYBE an interview on Wogan (is Wogan still ON?), PLEASE vote for me in the Most Humourous Weblog section.
Here is the link:

IF I win AND get sex as a result I PROMISE to film it and post it as a youtube blog the MOMENT I've finished (even if SHE hasn't pmsl)

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