Tuesday, 13 January 2009

URGENT - Go shopping... NOW

FORGET the credit crunch, I urge you ALL to go out and but THIS t-shirt.
Other than beer t-shirts ("I drink therefore I am - Shakesbeer" lol and "Beer is proof the God exists" ROFL) and my fabled green Argyle shirt, this is one of the FEW t-shirts WORTH owning because it helps spread the word on a VERY serious problem ESPECIALLY with Spring approaching.

It's available by clicking on THIS ------> word and is this year's MUST buy.


Santa Baby said...

I thought from the title of this post it was going to be a call to arms for shoppers nationwide to go shopping in an effort to lift our sagging economy. But this is much more important, if only Gordon Brown would now follow suit and focus on the real issues of the day.

TwitTwooo said...

You really are a TOOL, your internal anger at your parents has manifested itself into this insane hatred towards your winged friends. Owls are lovable creatures and they are perfect for hugging. I suggest you go out and hug the first owl you see, if not try tickling a badger, however you could always stroke a beaver.

Julian Meteor said...

Don't take this the WRONG way, Twit Twoo, but you are my LEAST favourite person in the world. Just WRITING to you gives me the shivers.